Boy, if I had a dollar for every time I heard that! Many people have told me that, and then later said, "I just love this photo of me!" A photographer has to be conscious of his client's fears, the things they like and don't like about themselves, and about photos. My job is to be your advocate, to make a case for how great you look. I do that by taking great photos of you, and making sure that you look great in that photo. Yes, acne and stray hair strands happen. Yes, they're real, and yes they are real life. But you don't think of yourself that way--and your friends and loved ones don't see you that way either! So your photos should reflect how you want to be seen and how your friends and family see you--they see your best. My goal is to always catch your best, and put it in a great, technically correct photo. That's what it means to advocate for you. Every frame, every time. Let's make your best look amazing!